Young Eagles

The Young Eagles program is one of the ways the EAA introduces the next generation of pilots to aviation. It was founded by the EAA with the mission of introducing young people (ages 8 to 17) to aviation. Many EAA 288 Chapter members participate in Young Eagles events put on by the chapter. Here are some Young Eagles FAQs.

How does it work?

We pair up one of our member pilots and his/her aircraft with a single youngster and take him/her for a short, one-on-one flight around the Spruce Creek/Daytona Beach area. These youngsters will get to see the area from an eagle's perspective, and share in the entire flight experience. Many youngsters remember this positive experience for the rest of their lives.

Are there any costs to me?

Not a thing. Our member pilots volunteer their time and aircraft, and provide these flights free of charge.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Young Eagles flights are performed by pilots licensed by the FAA, using aircraft which are maintained under appropriate FAA regulation. Flying is considered by many to be safer than travelling in an automobile.

How do I arrange for a Young Eagles flight?

You may also wish to check out our Calandar of Events to see if we have a Young Eagles Rally coming up soon at Spruce Creek Fly In Airport.

Where do I go on the day of the event?

Young Eagle's flights are typically held at the Spruce Creek Airport, at 105 Piper Blvd. To get there, you may use your GPS to get you to the Spruce Creek Fly-In, but please use the map below to get to the event, as you will need to cross over an active taxiway to do so. The areas marked in yellow outlines on the map are active taxiways, which means there could be aircraft moving on the ground. The area outlined in red on the map is the active runway. DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA. Aircraft will be landing and departing here. Make sure to look both ways for aircraft before crossing the taxiway. Click on the map to enlarge.

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Young Eagles National

At a national level, the Young Eagle program has been at work for over 20 years bring aviation to the next generation of pilots. EAA volunteers have flown more than 1.6 million Young Eagles in more than 90 countries. More than 42,000 EAA members have volunteered their time and their aircraft to fly Young Ealges.


To find out more about the Young Eagle program, and what your Young Eagle flight might be like, click the link below.


Young Eagles National Website